5 Reasons Cricket is Qatar’s Most Popular Sport

The Middle East is a hotbed for many sports. From football to basketball, from tennis to motorsports, from cricket to golf, the region is well-equipped to offer a range of sports. However, cricket is one of the oldest sports in the world, with records indicating its existence in the region as early as the 8th century. The history of cricket in the Middle East has followed a similar trajectory as that of other countries in the region. Since then, this game has become a part of many cultures and traditions, with many countries still enjoying playing it today. It is not surprising then that the Middle East is so fond of cricket. Here are some fascinating facts about this sport in the region.

Qatar is so cricket crazy, they even have their own domestic T20 league, the Qatar Cricket League. The league is regionally based, which means teams from other GCC countries play in it as well. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the top five reasons why cricket is the most popular sport in Qatar.

Qatar has a professional cricket team

Cricket is not a traditional part of the culture in the Middle East, but a few countries have started focusing on it in recent years. The Qatari national team made its debut in 1996 when it played the West Indies. The team has played a total of eight matches since 1996, winning two and losing six.

The most popular sport in Qatar is football, with cricket only ranking second. This is not surprising given the small population of the country. Football dominates not only because of its size but also due to the fact that it is the most widely played sport in the country (more than 400,000 players, according to a survey). The population of the country is only 2.3 million, so cricket is largely a hobby for the elite.

There are 12 cricket grounds in Qatar

Cricket has been played in the country since before 1900 and has been growing in popularity since. In the early days, matches were mainly held at private homes. In 1959, the first official cricket pitch was established in Doha, and it has seen several upgrades since then.

The 12 cricket grounds in Qatar include Doha’s Al-Sadd Cricket Stadium and Education Park, which is the largest ground in the country. The Al-Sadd pitch is held sacred for the nation’s cricketers and is where all team practices are held. A few other grounds in the country include the Education Park in Al-Rayyan, the Education Park in Mesaieed, and the new Education Park in Al-Khor.

Cricket is the most popular sport in Qatar

For a country with a small population, cricket is most definitely the sport to watch out for in Qatar. Apart from being the most popular sport, cricket is also the most entertaining one. It is diverse, unpredictable, and can hold a great deal of patience. This is why it is the perfect sport to be enjoyed by small populations who have a lot of patience to spare.

As mentioned before, football is the most popular sport in Qatar and is played by the country’s elite players. However, cricket is second, with soccer coming in third. The population of the country is only 2.3 million, so cricket can be enjoyed by the privileged few.

Many Arab countries, including Palestine and Jordan, have cricket teams

Cricket is not a part of the culture in most parts of the Arab world, but several countries have started to focus on it in recent years. Many have made it a national sport and hosted cricket events regularly. The Arab countries of Palestine and Jordan have both hosted several matches and tournaments, and even have their own cricket teams.

Both countries have cricket federations and are taking the sport seriously. They have hosted tournaments and even have their own national team. For example, Palestine has a team of 23 players, who have played several matches against their Middle Eastern neighbors. The team, who is led by Mohammed Abdulsalam, has secured two wins and two losses so far.


With its diverse landscapes, Qatar is a country with many identities. It is the home of international air travel, the hub of the oil and gas industry, and host of the 2022 World Cup. It has a cosmopolitan population and a flourishing arts scene. And with its ample coastline, Qatar is also a country with a long history of marine activity, as well as a place of natural beauty.

Cricket is one of many sports that Qataris enjoy playing, watching, and talking about. It has become a popular pastime, with more and more people taking up the sport. The following are five great reasons why cricket is Qatar’s most popular sport.

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