Caribbean Premier League 2022 Host Countries For New Season

The Caribbean Premier League will take place in four countries- Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, St Kitts and Nevis as well as Guyana. It is scheduled to happen between August 30th and September 30th. Officials are excited about the return of this tournament in their country because it is a huge opportunity for them! The game will be played at Daren Sammy Cricket Ground in Beausejour which belongs to the country of Saint Lucia.

The Caribbean Premier League has grown incredibly fast in the past few years. We’re talking a meteoric rise from nothing to over half a million followers. And it’s not slowing down. The CPL is on a mission to become one of the top leagues in the world and with a growing base of fans every day, we’re one step closer to achieving our goal. The 2022 season will be hosted on four different regions.

Now, we’re announcing details of the final locations for the next CPL.

The league will return to Central America and the Caribbean region for the final time in 2022. The following is the list of the host countries for the 2022 season of the CPL.

Trinidad & Tobago

The CPL is coming back to the Caribbean for the third time, this time taking place in Trinidad & Tobago. This nation is no stranger to cricket – it is the birthplace of the sport!

The island nation will welcome the CPL with open arms, with one of the most popular cricket grounds in the world, the Queen’s Park Oval in Port of Spain. The Queen’s Park Oval is where the first-ever ‘Test Match’ between the West Indies and England took place in 1889.

“We are very excited about the CPL coming to Trinidad and Tobago,” said the CPL commissioner Jason Thompson. “We know how much passion the Trinbago public has for the sport, and we feel that it will be a perfect fit for what we are building.”

Saint Kitts and Nevis

The CPL’s final visit will be to Saint Kitts and Nevis. This nation of just under 50,000 people has been the host of the CPL twice before. In 2016, the CPL visited St Kitts and Nevis and since then, the league has grown significantly in popularity.

The CPL’s second trip to St Kitt’s and Nevis was in 2018 when the league hosted matches between the likes of the Rajasthan Royals, the Wellington Phoenix, the Cape Town Storm, and the Chennai Super Kings.

Since then, the league has seen record numbers, with a staggering 18.2 million people tuning in to watch the final in June – making it the most-watched cricket match in history. “We are thrilled to be coming back to the beautiful island of St Kitts and hosting the CPL in 2022,” said Thompson

Saint Lucia

The CPL will be making its final visit to the Caribbean for the time being when it arrives in Saint Lucia, in 2022. This nation has played host to the league twice before, in 2016 and 2018. “We are delighted that the CPL is returning for a third time to the Caribbean,” Thompson said. “The football stadium in Castries was a fantastic setting for the inaugural CPL game and I am sure it will be equally as impressive this time around.”


The CPL has been coming to Guyana twice a year since 2016 – and this will be the final visit. The CPL has seen an increase in attendance, viewership and popularity since it arrived in Guyana in 2016, setting new records in all three categories. The league was a huge hit in Guyana, with over 140,000 people attending the matches in person – and the CPL announced that a total of 1.6 million people had watched the games on the Cricket Network abroad.


The 2022 CPL will take place in the following countries: Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Guyana, and the US Virgin Islands. All of these countries are amazing cricketing destinations and are sure to provide the greatest CPL experience yet.

The list of host countries also ensures that the CPL will be played in the United States for the first time ever. From 2020 to 2022, the CPL will be played in the US Virgin Islands, and this will be the first time that it is played on the mainland. The US is home to a thriving cricket culture, and the CPL will arrive in a great place to kick things off!

The CPL has proven to be a growing success, and it is exciting to see what the future holds for this league. With the list of host countries for the 2022 season out, fans will now be able to make travel plans for the upcoming season.

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