City Cricket Association Tournament is Scheduled to Begin Today

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In 91 teams, there are about 1800 players at more than 50 venues across Pakistan, including eight international venues, in the 2021-22 City Cricket Association Tournament. Bugti Stadium in Quetta, Gujranwala Jinnah Stadiums, Faisalabad Iqbal Stadium, Hyderabad Sports Stadium, Multan Cricket Stadium, Niaz Stadium in Hyderabad, Sargodha Sports Stadium, Dring Stadium in Bahawalnagar, and Niaz Stadium in Hyderabad are among the international venues.

The Pakistan Cricket Board announced that it would provide a pathway to around 1800 cricketers who would graduate to the first-class, non-first-class three-day, 50-overs, and 20-overs competitions, as well as the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan squads. The other four Cricket Associations’ squads would be unveiled early next week.

In addition to taking part in the inaugural Pakistan Junior League (PJL), players also have a chance to participate in the Pakistan Junior League (PJL), which will be held in Lahore from October 1 to 15. Players will be encouraged to wear floppy hats during matches, and damp towels will be provided. To keep them fit, certain preventive measures have been implemented.

Players will be kept fresh in the heat by having their matches last three hours from 1300 to 1600 when the heat is at its highest. The match will begin at 830 p.m. and end at 1300 p.m. Each innings will include an additional refreshment break from 1600 to 1830.

Each of the three Central Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Sindh CCAs will be split into three groups, with group leaders progressing to the triangular series and the side with the most points being declared the winner. As a result of the Covid-19 epidemics and the ongoing registration process, only 93 sides were available for the 2020-21 season. To ensure meritocracy, independent observers monitored the trials, which were also filmed and recorded for future use.

CCA TOURNAMENT 2021-22 Schedule is:


Pool- A

  • 5-6 July – Quetta v Pishin; Sibi v Noshki; Killa Abdullah v Naseerabad
  • 8-9 July – Quetta v Sibi; Pishin v Noshki; Naseerabad v Loralai
  • 11-12 July – Quetta v Noshki; Pishin v Sibi; Killa Abdullah v Loralai
  • 14-15 July – Quetta v Killa Abdullah; Pishin v Naseerabad; Sibi v Loralai
  • 17-18 July – Quetta v Naseerabad; Pishin v Lorala; Noshki v Killa Abdullah
  • 23-24 July – Pishin v Killa Abdullah; Sibi v Naseerabad; Noshki v Loralai
  • 26-27 July – Quetta v Loralai; Sibi v Killa Abdullah; Noshki v Naseerabad

Pool- B

  • 5-6 July – Gwadar v Panjgur; Turbat v Khuzdar; Jaffarabad v Lasbela
  • 9-10 July – Gwadar v Khuzdar; Turbat v Lasbela; Panjgur v Jaffarabad
  • 13-14 July– Gwadar v Jaffarabad; Turbat v Panjgur; Lasbela v Khuzdar,
  • 17-18 July – Gwadar v Lasbela; Turbat v Jaffarabad; Panjgur v Khuzdar
  • 23-24 July – Gwadar v Turbat; Panjgur v Lasbela; Khuzdar v Jaffarabad
  • 30-31 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)


Pool- A

  • 5-6 July – East Zone (W) v East Zone (B); West Zone (W) v North Zone (W); Gujranwala v Sheikhupura
  • 8-9 July – East Zone (W) v West Zone (W); Gujranwala v Kasur; North Zone (W) v Sheikhupura
  • 11-12 July – East Zone (B) v West Zone (W); Sheikhupura v Kasur; Gujranwala v North Zone (W)
  • 14-15 July – Kasur v East Zone (W); Gujranwala v East Zone (B); Sheikhupura v West Zone (W)
  • 17-18 July – Gujranwala v East Zone (W); Sheikhupura v East Zone (B); Kasur v North Zone (W)
  • 23-24 July – North Zone (W) v East Zone (W); Gujranwala v East Zone (B); Kasur v West Zone (W)
  • 26-27 July – West Zone (W) v East Zone (W); Kasur v East Zone (B); Sheikhupura v North Zone (W)

Pool- B

  • 5-6 July – Sialkot v Narowal; Hafizabad v West Zone (B); Gujrat v Mandi Bahauddin
  • 8-9 July – Sialkot v Gujrat; Narowal v West Zone (B); Mandi Bahauddin v Hafizabad
  • 11-12 July – Sialkot v Hafizabad; Mandi Bahauddin v West Zone (B); Gujrat v Norowal
  • 14-15 July – Sialkot v Mandi Bahauddin; Gujrat v West Zone (B); Hafizabad v Narowal
  • 17-18 July – Mandi Bahauddin v Narowal; Sialkot v West Zone (B); Gujrat v Hafizabad

Pool- C

  • 5-6 July – Faisalabad v Sargodha; Mianwali v North Zone (B); Jhang v Bhakkar
  • 8-9 July – Faisalabad v Mianwali; Jhang v North Zone (B); Sargodha v Bhakkar
  • 11-12 July – Faisalabad v Bhakkar; Sargodha v North Zone (B); Jhang v Mianwali
  • 14-15 July – Mianwali v Bhakkar; Faisalabad v North Zone (B); Sargodha v Jhang
  • 17-18 July – Faisalabad v Jhang; Bhakkar v North Zone (B); Sargodha v Mianwali


  • 30-31 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)
  • 2-3 August – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (C)
  • 5-6 August – Winner of Pool (B) v Winner of Pool (C)


Pool- A

  • 5-6 July – Peshawar v Nowshehra; Charsadda v Swat; Dir Lower v Mardan
  • 8-9 July – Peshawar v Charsadda; Swat v Dir Lower; Mardan v Bajour
  • 11-12 July – Peshawar v Swat; Nowshehra v Dir Lower; Charsadda v Bajour
  • 14-15 July – Peshawar v Dir Lower; Nowshehra v Bajour; Mardan v Swat
  • 17-18 July – Peshawar v Mardan; Nowshehra v Charsadda; Dir Lower v Bajour
  • 23-24 July – Peshawar v Bajour; Swat v Nowshehra; Mardan v Charsadda
  • 26-27 July – Mardan v Nowshehra; Charsadda v Dir Lower; Swat v Bajour

Pool- B

  • 5-6 July – Abbottabad v Mansehra; Haripur v Swabi; Dir Upper v Buner
  • 8-9 July – Abbottabad v Haripur; Swabi v Buner; Mansehra v Dir Upper
  • 11-12 July – Abbottabad v Swabi; Haripur v Dir Upper; Mansehra v Buner
  • 14-15 July – Abbottabad v Buner; Mansehra v Haripur; Swabi v Dir Upper
  • 17-18 July – Abbottabad v Dir Upper; Mansehra v Swabi; Haripur v Buner

Pool- C

  • 5-6 July – Khyber v Mamond; Kohat v Kurram; D.I.Khan v Bannu
  • 8-9 July – Mamond v Kurram; Khyber v Bannu; D.I.Khan v Kohat
  • 11-12 July – Kohat v Mamond; D.I.Khan v Khyber; Bannu v Kurram
  • 14-15 July – D.I.Khan v Mahmond; Khyber v Kurram; Kohat v Bannu
  • 17-18 July – Bannu v Mahmond; Kohat v Khyber; D.I. Khan v Kurram

Triangular Stage

  • 30-31 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)
  • 2-3 August – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (C)
  • 5-6 August – Winner of Pool (B) v Winner of Pool (C)


Pool- A

  • 5-6 July – Rawalpindi v Attock; Jhelum v Chakwal; Muzaffarabad v Kotli
  • 8-9 July – Rawalpindi v Jhelum; Attock v Kotli; Chakwal v Muzaffarabad
  • 11-12 July – Rawalpindi v Chakwal; Attock v Muzaffarabad; Jhelum v Kotli
  • 14-15 July – Rawalpindi v Muzaffarabad; Attock v Jhelum; Chakwal v Kotli
  • 17-18 July – Rawalpindi v Kotli; Attock v Chakwal; Jhelum v Muzaffarabad

Pool- B

  • 5-6 July – Islamabad v Mirpur; Gilgit Baltistan v Poonch
  • 8-9 July – Islamabad v Gilgit Baltistan; Mirpur v Bagh
  • 11-12 July – Islamabad v Poonch; Gilgit Baltistan v Bagh
  • 14-15 July – Gilgit Baltistan v Mirpur; Bagh v Poonch
  • 17-18 July – Islamabad v Bagh; Mirpur v Poonch
  • 23-24 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)


Pool- A

  • 5-6 July – Zone I v Zone II; Zone III v Zone IV; Zone V v Zone VI
  • 8-9 July – Zone I v Zone III; Zone II v Zone VI; Zone IV v Zone V
  • 11-12 July – Zone I v Zone IV; Zone II v Zone V; Zone III v Zone VI
  • 14-15 July – Zone I v Zone V; Zone II v Zone III; Zone IV v Zone VI
  • 17-18 July – Zone I v Zone VI; Zone II v Zone IV; Zone III v Zone V

Pool- B

  • 5-6 July – Hyderabad v Jamshoro; Mirpur Khas v Badin; Zone VII v Sanghar
  • 8-9 July – Hyderabad v Mirpur Khas; Zone VII v Jamshoro; Badin v Sanghar
  • 11-12 July – Hyderabad v Badin; Sanghar v Jamshoro; Zone VII v Mirpur Khas
  • 14-15 July – Hyderabad v Sanghar; Mirpur Khas v Jamshoro; Zone VII v Badin
  • 17-18 July – Hyderabad v Zone VII; Badin v Jamshoro; Mirpur Khas v Sanghar

Pool- C

  • 5-6 July– Sukkur v Shikarpur; Khairpur v Larkana
  • 8-9 July – Shikarpur v Shaheed Benazirabad; Sukkur v Larkana
  • 11-12 July – Khairpur v Shikarpur; Sukkur v Shaheed Benazirabad
  • 14-15 July – Khairpur v Sukkur; Larkana v Shaheed Benazirabad
  • 17-18 July – Larkana v Shikarpur; Khairpur v Shaheed Benazirabad


  • 23-24 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)
  • 26-27 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (C)
  • 29-30 July – Winner of Pool (B) v Winner of Pool (C)



  • 5-6 July – Sahiwal v Lodhran; Okara v Multan; Vehari v Khanewal
  • 8-9 July – Sahiwal v Vehari; Okara v Lodhran; Multan v D.G.Khan
  • 11-12 July – Sahiwal v Okara; Vehari v Multan; Khanewal v D.G.Khan
  • 14-15 July – Multan v Khanewal; Okara v D.G.Khan; Lodhran v Vehari
  • 17-18 July – Sahiwal v D.G.Khan; Vehari v Okara ; Khanewal v Lodhran
  • 23-24 July – Sahiwal v Khanewal; Multan v Lodhran; D.G.Khan v Vehari
  • 26-27 July – Sahiwal v Multan; D.G.Khan v Lodhran; Okara-Khanewal


  • 5-6 July – Bahawalnagar v R.Y.Khan; Layyah v Pakpattan; Muzaffargarh v Bahawalpur
  • 8-9 July – Layyah v Bahawalpur; Rajanpur v R.Y.Khan; Pakpattan v Bahawalnagar
  • 11-12 July – Pakpattan v Bahawalpur; Rajanpur v Muzaffargarh; R.Y.Khan v Layyah
  • 14-15 July – Muzaffargarh v R.Y.Khan; Pakpattan v Rajanpur; Bahawalnagar v Layyah
  • 17-18 July – Pakpattan v Muzaffargarh; Layyah v Rajanpur; Bahawalnagar v Bahawalpur
  • 23-24 July – R.Y.Khan v Bahawalpur; Rajanpur v Bahawalnagar; Layyah v Muzaffargarh
  • 26-27 July – Bahawalnagar v Muzaffargarh; Bahawalpur v Rajanpur; R.Y.Khan v Pakpattan
  • 30-31 July – Winner of Pool (A) v Winner of Pool (B)

Due to pre-monsoon rain in this part of the country, the matches in Central Punjab, Northern and Southern Punjab will be postponed for one week. From June 24, the matches will be contested by 19 teams from Central Punjab, three of which are split into four pools, and 11 teams from Northern Punjab, and 14 teams from Southern Punjab.

Each match will consist of 100 overs to be bowled over two days, with six hours and 40 minutes of play and an hour-long break. In order to encourage positive and result-oriented cricket, the first innings will be limited to 75 overs and no bowler will bowl more than 15 overs in an innings.

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