West Indies 60-Ball Cricket Tournament 6ixty

On August 30, the presidents of CWI and CPL are expected to announce a new 60-ball league, which will start this season from August 30 to September 30. Six men’s teams and three women’s teams will compete in a 60-balls-per-side T10-style league, dubbed 6ixty, in which “radical new rules” will be used.

In an effort to innovate, Cricket West Indies (CWI) announced this week a 60-ball domestic T10 competition in July. Six men’s teams and three women’s teams will compete in the competition, dubbed 6ixty, which will include “many of the best cricketers in the world,” the CWI said. The T10 tournament was sanctioned by the International Cricket Council in the United Arab Emirates in 2017 and the European Cricket Network has a large number of competitions for a European club and national teams, but it is the first by a full member of the ICC. According to CWI and the Caribbean Premier League, “brand-new innovations” will transform T10 cricket and make it “even more exciting and fast-paced.”

Six wickets are available instead of the traditional ten, so when a batting team is all out, they are out instead of having another chance. There are two powerplay overs in each innings, but they may “unlock” a third by hitting two sixes in the first 12 balls. A total of 30 balls are bowled from one end before the action switches to the other end for the final 30.

In addition, if teams do not bowl their overs in time, a member of their team is removed from the field for the final six balls. Fans are able to participate in the scoring by voting on the timing of a “Mystery Free Hit,” during which the bowler cannot dismiss the batter. The PowerPlay overs will be available to each batting team and can be unlocked by hitting two sixes in the first 12 balls. Between the third and ninth over, you can take the extra PowerPlay over once.

An amazing moment is happening for West Indian cricket fans when world-class men’s and women’s cricketers will participate in a fantastic event for the Caribbean. What makes this moment fantastic is the cutting-edge innovations.

West Indian cricketers, on the other hand, will not play in the new six-over championship, though Chris Gayle has been named as the brand ambassador. The new league, Pete Russell, CEO of the CPL, said that it would attempt to entice cricket fans and occasionally compel them to view things from a different perspective, just like what is currently happening in golf.

According to the CEO, fans can expect three projects in the Caribbean and one elsewhere. He hopes to complete four projects per year.

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